The technology we use today is defiantly bringing us one step closer to a society where our every thought is being recorded, as well as our every move. Our government is trying to slowly control us more and more. It makes sense because we have our “Trackers” with us all the time, and 9 out of 10 people actually never turn them off. Even though some people may not be in the interest to be watched, it’s just the principle. Its violating our rights as American citizens and is just wrong. Even though they say that these cameras are going to be used for safety reasons, doesn’t mean that they’re lying but it could also mean that they are using that as a cover up so that we don’t think of it as a bad thing, but as a god thing.

We say that America is the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, but if it truly was, do you think that we would actually need to be recorded? We have no more privacy, and its just going to get worse over the years. As technology grows and peoples mind set change, the government is going to always find different ways to keep an eye on you. This can be good, but it can also be very bad. For instance, lets say a cop “accidently” shoots an African American male they would be able to look at the footage of the police officer and clarify if that was the truth or not. It could also be very bad because a camera can only show so much, for instance there was a recent case of a homeless man in LA got murdered by the police and it was on tape. Now this video made the man look innocent, but the truth was that the man was a drug dealer, and he was reaching for the police officers weapon so they had to shoot him because he wouldn’t give up. The people were so upset and didn’t get why and the video doesn’t show everything so people were confused.

Our Trackers are just like the Telescreen because our government is just like Big Brother, they can look through our cameras on our Trackers whenever we are hooked up to Internet, which is all the time for most of us. Its not just our phones they can see us through, it can be almost all electronics, they don’t need a camera necessarily because they can see your texts, your pictures, pretty much everything that goes on in your phone, television, computer, game system, ect

Our generation has very few privacy, and if we cant either maintain it or stop it, its just going to get worse over the years, they will gain more control then they already have over us and it’ll eventually be exactly like BIG BROTHER is watching us. That’s the last thing we need as a human being to basically be in a prison where you are told you are free and you believe it.


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Yes, the technology we use is making us less educated and closer to the dystopian society used in big brother

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they are serious about making people call it a “TRACKER.” These are just some examples on how our government can see what we are doing… But it’s not like it matters. They won’t find much on everyday citizens of they actually took the time to look.

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Based on the beginning of the article, yes that don’t want us to call it a CELL PHONE, people think it should be called a TRACKER. I bet the police or even the government don’t think that this is a bad idea but it truly is. They’ll know to much of what’s going on, and their goes our privacy. 

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It’s about police men in LBC using cameras to catch criminals, they say that no one should worry because they at not violating are rights, but they truly are. This is just a stepping stool to something even worse.